Villaggio d'Italia - A Good Financial Alternative for investors.

To accede to Villaggio d'Italia Residential SPA & Resort Condominium means to attend Pedra Azul, the more charming and refined region of Espírito Santo, to taste wines and many gastronomic delights.

But to accede to Villaggio d'Italia can also mean a good financial investment.

Pedra Azul is being prepared to became a great national and international gastronomical tourist destination, with focus on selective tourism , through structural initiatives that are being conducted by public authorities and by the private initiative.

To real estate investors the correctly reading of this data results in two contents: real state valuation and liquidity.

A Convention Center for 1,500 persons is one of the projects for the transformation of the region in a selective tourist destination. Where to host these people? How to host, for example, 1,000 professionals for 2 or 3 days if the current hotel capacity is 400 rooms, and with more than half these rooms not yet adequate to receive more selective visitors?

Duplication of highway BR 262, improvement of all accesses, School Hotels (SENAC), a Regional Airport and allocation of all local infrastructures for selective tourism are other improvements that have being implemented.

Initially the Villaggio d'Italia is making available for investors 3 thematic Apart Hotels.

  • The first one, Venezia Apart Hotel, is an annex to the SPA;
  • The second one, Bologna Tennis Apart Hotel, is designed for tennis players and sympathizers that will also use the SPA's whole structure;
  • The third is the Madonna di Campiglio Apart Hotel, with a gastronomy vocation.


Then, to invest in an apart hotel of Villaggio d'Italia, the investor has several options: enjoy it itself, to lend it for family and friends, to use it cooperatively, or simultaneously place it in the rental pool, earning annual incomes which may mean a remuneration equivalent or superior to financial market application.

In order to better inform the investors, it has being developed a diagnosis of future cash flow, probable future occupancy rates and daily gross rate.

There are investors that preferred not to wait and have already materialized their applications.

Referring the way to operate the 3 Apart Hotels, this decision is that the joint owners may opt for a large, medium or even a small operator, with this last option presents the convenient of significantly reduce the cost of operating, remunerating the investors more aggressively.

The Villaggio d'Italia also owns 86 linear residences with two suites that have aroused the need for analysis by the investors. These units may have the many applications of the apart hotel units, described in the preceding subparagraphs.


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